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Nikki Vradenburg said...

Hi, I bought all your math journal bundles for Kindergarten and First Grade from TPT. I love them and am so excited to use them! The way it is downloaded it is hard for me to find a logical sequence in which to use them. Can you recommend a good sequence? I use EveryDay Math so I am spiraling skills. I am trying to choose things that go with our lessons but I'm having a hard time getting it figured out. Thanks!

Kelli said...

Hello Nikki!

Thx for buying my journal printables! I hope you find them helpful! I think I mentioned at my TPT store that I would love to give you some products in the future, as I'm not sure you realized that some of the documents are the same in the Kdg and First Grade Bundles. Anyway let me know later, after you've got your head around these resources first!

Basically, I tried to organize the resources by Common Core strand-for example if its Kindergarten Geometry, I put activities labeled by common core so that you could match that up with your lesson plans/program (in your case EverydayMath). I also try and give differentiated activities for students that are below or above average. I hope that helps. Please ask me if you have more questions!